Best Unlimited Family Plans: Top Budget and Family Picks

Best Unlimited Family Plans: Top Budget and Family Picks

Zash Mobile is an authorized dealer of Telus and Koodo Telecommunications Company in Canada. Canada is not privileged with cell phone plans which are economical for Mobile Data. Hence, this becomes quite a struggle for people to hunt suitable and affordable Family Plans for their Mobile Data. This is where our role comes into play, as we help you choose the best Mobile Data Family Plans.

Telus, one of the leading and reliable network carriers in Canada offers a sharing discount for those who add more than one phone line to their account. With this data plan, you can share unlimited mobile data across all your smart gadgets.

You can save a lot with Telus family sharing family plans by merging more than two plans in a single account. Let us share a few ways to achieve this economical mobile data plan.

It has been observed that most Canadians do not exceed 2GB of data per month. Hence, ‘Simple Share Plan’ is good as it offers up to 6GB of data along with unlimited national call and SMS. Telus simple share plan range from 5 to 50GB, what you all need to do is assess the number of the lines you require along with average monthly mobile data and Zash Mobile will take care of the rest. We will make a tailored data plan which suits your family.

With certain other plans which are customized and tailored by Zash Mobile for you, a discount of at least $5/month is assured. The discount amount is directly proportional to the number of lines you opt for. For instance, if you opt for 2 lines, then you will get a $5/ line discount which turnouts to be $10/month. You can save up to $60/month if you have 4 or more lines as each line will then get a discount of $15/month.

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