Choose from Best Smartphone, Freedom Mobile & Mobile Data

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Choose from Best Smartphone, Freedom Mobile & Mobile Data

A few decades back when the phones had not made it into our world, it would take days for people to send a message from one place to another. The messages however small they might have had no way to be relayed to the other person quickly and smoothly. With the advent of technology, Phones took the world by storm. Over a night, the distance of two nations didn’t matter at all as far as talking with a person in the other country is considered.  Mobile phones and mobile data play an important in the day to day life of every single citizen of the nation.

The Mobile phones make up for a huge industry and market which serves and caters the need of a mass population. A lot of businesses and companies claim out there in the market to be selling the best Smartphone. The choice of one’s phone retailer has to be made carefully and only after considering the due factors.

Following are a few things which need to be considered before picking a phone retailer for oneself:-

  1. Advanced: – Mobile phones seller that offers the phones which are empowered with the most advanced and modern technology. Features that are available in the phones today allow them to be used for a lot many purposes more than just calling people over it. Camera, Music, Videos, and the internet all add up to be the most exclusive and modern features that a phone can provide you with. Your phone should lend you the best user experience when exploiting the mobile data pack. This shall help you realize the freedom mobile phones can lend you.
  2. Quality: –The quality and the standard of the phone should be of the top notch which is only delivered by the most reputed brands. The Mobile phones seller who offers the clients and customers with the highest standard and elite brands is the one to go for.
  3. Warranty and offers: – The Mobile phones seller, whether it is an online seller or an offline seller, must provide the customers with reasonable prices, warranty of the devices sold, and exclusive offers on the Mobile phones and the associated phone accessories. Such a retailer of the Mobile phones would make for the best option for a client.

Thus, we could deduce from the above information that there are certain aspects that need to be considered before buying a phone or choosing a Mobile phones seller.

Health Hazards related to Mobile Phones

Almost every one of us nowadays roams with a mobile phone in our pockets. A single persistent question bothers our mind i.e. whether this device is safe for us or not. Does mobile phone cause harm to our bodies? Can it cause tumors, earaches, mercury poisoning?

Whenever we go through an article on mobile phones it includes all the health risks related to it. But I can assure you that no article can give any assurance that mobile phones cause such diseases. That is where science fails and we get confused. The main fact behind the scene is that mobile phones are very new in the era to know its long term effects on human beings and other animals.

It would take a much longer time to assure the real facts behind the harmful nature of mobile phones. It produces radiations of radio frequency round 10 MHZ to 300 GHz. But it is also true that not only mobiles but almost many other devices produce harmful radiation. But why does every time only mobiles come in the scenario of hazardous appliances? But the fact that whether the radiations produced by mobile phones are harmful or not will be clear very soon.

The only fact that has been proved until now is that drivers who use mobiles during driving can cause huge damage as the driver may lose control due to his loose of focus in driving. To solve such problems hand free sets were invented.

Despite the freedom mobile phones gave, did the hand free sets really solve the issue? Research has found out that hand free sets radiate more harmful radiations than the normal sets. But till now there are no assured reports that such radiations can pose harm to the human brain.

We have often heard that mobile phones cause brain tumors it is been said not because it is scientifically proved that it causes so but because it has been found that more mobile suffers from such diseases. Mobiles can cause memory loss and also sleeping sickness. It has been proved that mobile increases brain activity during sleeping so it may cause a disturbance in your sleeping patterns.

Studies have proved a link between radio waves and lymphoma, memory loss, and some other diseases. The use of excess mobile can even cause DNA destruction. The WHO has put onto a lot of efforts to engage scientists to find out the real fact behind the scene. But the result remains the same only. The result of the research comes out that it is unlikely that mobile phones can cause cancer.

But still, there are many harmful effects that may harm our well being in a way or the other. Such effects can only be controlled by reducing the misuse of the device and using it wisely.

The misuse of technology can cause slow death. You may not understand the effects immediately. But inside your health is being degraded every time you come across it. The released from mobile phones may have long-lasting effects.

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